Making Smart Homes in Southend

Smart Home Installation

Smart Home Installation

Installing your Smart Home in Southend

Smart Home Installation or Home 2.0 is a more common part of our domestic electrical teams work these days. Whether you need something as simple as sockets converted to USB with Google home ports, or want the ability to control every part of your smart home in Southend remotely, simply call on us for a quote. 

Installing smart home technology isn’t just a less stressful way to live it is considered a great way to make your home more sellable too. According to Consumer Home Reports, Smart home automation can add 5% to your home value.

Call our Southend office for a free quote to bring your smart home to life.

Smart Home Installation needs are broad. For some it’s simply fitting some USB power sockets, for others it is integrating their heating, fire, lighting, AV and security. Whatever your smart home install needs, our Southend based team can come and give you a free estimate and possibly some pointers in what kind of brands to look for.

We have seen many smart home technology companies start-up and then stop manufacturing equipment. So while we don’t supply, we do offer some advice on who you may want to look at.

We are happy to tell you about the brands we are most commonly asked to fit and which ones offer a wider range of functionality. No one wants to end up with outdated equipment that is not compatible with new home gadgets. 

We work across the county of Essex on smart home installation work. We prefer to focus on the Essex area only as it means we can more quickly service your needs and of course get to jobs and estimates that bit faster.

Some businesses are happy to work nationwide or further afield, but we just want to do a great job for you in the Southend and Essex areas. Nice and local. The benefit for you and us then, means any after-care or ‘snagging’ work is that much simpler to be booked in and completed. 

We are Trustmark approved, which for those who aren’t familiar with it, is a Government scheme to ensure quality standards of work. This means our smart home installation work is assessed and audited, we have to maintain the right levels of insurance and our business is then listed on a national professionals list. You can find out more about Trustmark and what it means for you here – or see our accreditations page.

Simple Smart Home Installation

Our Smart Home Service in Southend

The process is simple when it comes to arranging a smart home installation Essex or within. We start by having a chat to understand your needs. Contact us below to get the ball rolling.

Call us for a chat

Drop us a call in the office, or get a callback so we can pencil in a time to come by.

you source the Tech

You can source the technology or we can help. Our focus is on the fitting.

we provide an estimate

Once we have an idea of your needs, then we can give you a quote.

We arrange a date to fit

If you're happy with the quote, gadgets ordered, we book an install date.

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We put our face to our work

When it comes to having someone to work in your home, your place to relax, we feel it’important to put our face to our work – Darren Mason and Craig Smith

As company we have been working for private homeowners since George Mason began the company in circa 1945. This this is family business and maintaining our integrity is as important to us as your happiness in the work we do.

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